We present an innovative system supporting the organization of dance competitions, created on the basis of many years of experience by specialists from the world of dance and the IT industry.


registered dancers


registered dance schools


registered competitions


100% online

available from anywhere in the world
Danceit lets you manage the competition wherever you are, and dance school registering is as simple as creating an social media account. Thanks to the database located in the cloud, all information is always up-to-date, so everyone can check the schedule, start lists, and even a possible delay at any time - regardless of whether they are on way to the competition, in the cloakroom or just gone for lunch.

really expanded

much more than a registration system
Forget about paper, rewriting forms and filling out spreadsheets. In danceit there are panels for the organizer, dance school, scrutineer, judge and moderator. In a few moments, you will create the regulations and schedule, view lists and starting numbers, check the amount of fees charged, and during the competition - you will rate, calculate the ranking and display the results on the LED screen.

on any device

without installing the application
A computer, smartphone, tablet or smartwatch - it doesn't matter. Danceit is a web application that only needs a web browser to run. Judges can use iPads, a moderator a laptop, the results can be displayed on monitors, and information about the currently presented performance can be displayed on an LED screen or a projector.


A constantly growing list of functionalities, carefully developed by our team.

instant registration


Simple and quick submission of performances to the competition. Without rewriting or copying data from application cards.



A competition schedule generator that informs the audience live about the current category and any possible delay.



Automatic calculation of the starting fee based on any of the methods we have developed.

always actual


Real-time start lists and a schedule that are updated automatically after the slightest change is made.

judge interface


Juddges forms available for display or printing. Currently available judging systems: IDO 1D, IDO 2D, IDO 3D, IDO 4D, IDO 4D Show Dance, IDO Battle, WADF 1D, WADF 2D, WADF 3D, WADF 4D, WADF 5D.



Setting up the judges panel, counting crosses, promoting performances, calculating the final classification, previewing the properties of judges and moderator devices - e.g. battery level.



Attaching music when registering a performance, and then the ability to download a specially prepared package with organized songs.



Numbers and starting lists, schedule, jury sheets, results, personal diplomas for each of the formation members.

presentation panel


Displaying the schedule, start lists, presentation information, results, ranking, competition or sponsors logo on the projector, monitor or LED screen.



Paying, renewing, configuring and controlling the validity of dance association licenses.



From the start of registration to the end of the event, without the need for any printout. No wasted reams of paper, no used toners.

in selected language


The entire content of the website is translated. Currently available languages: en, pl.

your work will get much easier



Assigning performances to categories, updating start lists, calculating results... danceit will do it for you.



You don't need a computer to manage your competition - use any device wherever you are.



We have reduced the time needed to configure the system to a minimum - now you can take care of more important issues.


saving funds

You no longer need additional employees dealing with unnecessary formalities and technical service.

trusted by hundreds of people

From the small local mayor's cup, through league competitions to the world championship - danceit works in all conditions.

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Read our docs.

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